The Lookout

Nicolas Hosteing

Nicolas Hosteing continually adds to his Atlas, a collection of snapshots which he then draws from to create various series. He focuses on resonant themes to produce particular sets (such as Matador, published by Etudes Books in september 2012); On the one hand, Hosteing collects snaps of random encounters and places, on the other he produces more structured works inspired by specific themes, these two approaches may also then intertwine and suggest new image combinations, depending on the author’s interests in certain topics.



Permanent Vacation, Bordeaux, France


Le stade du miroir, group exhibition curated by Nicolas Hosteing and Loan Calmon, Analogues, Arles.


Exo Exo, Biennale de Belleville , What’s on ur mind , a project directed by Benoit Ménard & Tristan Léonard.


Recollection, a proposal from GTP photographers and Myriam Barchechat, Superette Gallery, Paris.

Plus jamais seul, Standards Gallery, Rennes.

Easy Living, collective exhibition curated by Gijs Assmann and Hanne Hagenaars, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, Netherlands

Window installation, La Vitrine, Societe Française de Photographie, Paris.

Matador, artist book installation at The ICP Triennial, International Center of Photography, New York.

Etudes@Colette Paris, Group Show, Colette, Paris

Voies Off, Arles.



L’allocco una rivista d’avanguardia, n°6. Belluno, Italy.


Deratisme 41, Paris.

Matador, Etudes Books. Text by Julien Perez.

Deratisme 38.2, Préambule à l’homme qui a vu l’ours.

Matador, in Vice Photo issue 2012, Paris.



The Lookout