Simon Kossoff

Simon Kossoff is a British photographer living and working in Kansas City, MO.

Like an introspective road movie, Kossoff’s American photographs are a collection of psychic co-ordinate points, plotted between the dream or idea of a place, and the photographer’s actual experience of it in reality. They are the search for a personal orientation. Half truth and half fiction, these photographs are a mental geography. A journey which explores the destination.

“For some time we have observed with curiosity the patient work of Simon Kossoff. We like it because it is a determined slap in the face of reality or perhaps it is best to call it personality. Without melancholy, Kossoff creates with a lyrical precision that has become more refined over time, a mature vision with a narrative tension that is also soaked with poetic ambition. A subjectivity that is made up of silent traces isolated through intuition. The human landscape that he approaches through photography consists of colorful individualities and a macrorealism that pierces our sensibilities. Using razor-sharp details that scrape the surface of the banal. Kossoff makes skilled incisions into reality, finding essential spaces, briefly shooting, embedding the image with what feeds his own story. A fluent and fast paced vision, relentlessly alternating between a sob that first exposes your feelings and then defines them. What we see in this work on Overland Park is the intention of the photographer becoming stronger and gaining weight around curious, occasional and fragmented shots. Kossoff’s speech is never casual, it is a discontinuous process yet well-disciplined and that rarely stalls. Kossoff does not make fleeting statements but questions the viewer instantly and insistently. It is easy to be caught by surprise, a little unprepared, but that’s part of the game, the dialogue that expands the perception and reveals new possibilities.”

—Steve Bisson, Urbanautica.



Permanent Vacation, Bordeaux, France


Street Parade, Paris, France.
MAP Photo Festival, Toulouse, France.
Brighton Photo Bi-Annual, GB.


Recollection, Superette Gallery, Paris, France.
Weather Report, Trap Gallery, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.